In the workplace everybody has knowledge , a very important asset for your company. However, if you want to be different, you need an advantage and that is the attitude. Your attitude is what sets you apart. With increased self-confidence you will have a more powerful ability to overcome the struggles that you or life puts in the way of you being successful.

Why my method works? In my experience as a coach, I learned that my clients need something more than just coaching; so I introduce Yoga and Mindfulness into this equation. Mindfulness helps you to get on focus and yoga increases balance. With these tools you can back off where you need to and then move forward when you want. This umbrella of coaching, yoga and mindfulness approach gives you tools that will successfully take your professional career and private life to the next level.

How does it work?


Flexibility is the crucial component in our coaching relationship.

How do you do that?

  • Ask questions to know what you really want
  • Define a goal and doable action plan
  • Take action to evoke change


Mindfulness is another important part of this process to help you achieve your goal. You don’t need to block out 30 minutes to practice meditation to experience the benefits of mindfulness at work.

What is mindfulness?

  • It is a mental training to improve your ability to focus your attention and control your emotions
  • It creates space between you and a stressful situation
  • It increases your resilience and emotional intelligence


Companies such as Google, Apple and Forbes are offering yoga classes as part of their corporate wellness programs.

How can yoga work in your professional life or corporate culture?

  • Increase energy
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Relieve stress
  • Alleviate workplace ailments
  • Boost morale
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