The Mindfulness program is tailor made for your company or employees. Our approach toward helping build mindful involves:

  • Pre and Post assessment
  • Practical sessions to learn Mindfulness practices
  • Integrating tools that will help sustain the practice over time.

Mindfulness Package

Corporate Mindfulness: Which of benefits does your organization need?

• Attention Training

• Self- knowledge development

• Create possitive mental habits

• One to one coaching sessions

Personal Mindfulness: What development needs do you have?

The training is based on:

• Mindful Breathing to bring your mind home to yourself.

• Concentration to Improve your focus.

• Awareness of Your Body to establish yourself in the here and now so that you are fully alive.

Tension Release to relax your body.

Sessions are available one to one or as a group.

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present control the past”

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