I bring yoga directly to your office!

Based on your necessities, I design a specific program for your company addressing direct needs and desires. The duration and length of the program depends on your budget and requirement.

Remember that corporate yoga should be designed to increase well- being for optimal health of employees, productivity and performance. It must thus be made accessible to people at all levels and offered in a safe and comfortable environment to pursue balance, healing and inner stretch.

Corporate Yoga Package

30-Minute Recharge: Going out for coffee

We will guide your team through a comprehensive half hour of Stretches and yoga poses to improve balance, flexibility and help release tension through breathing techniques. The aim is to quiet the mind reduce stress and anxiety.

  • For Best Results: 1-2x / week
  • Group Size: 1-20; depends on space (we can visit and help figure that out)

60 minutes: Stepping out for lunch

Classes include a gentle warm-up, breathing techniques, yoga sequence and final relaxation – all designed to help reducing stress and tension. All classes are accessible for all levels, so prior yoga experience necessary.

  • For Best Results: 1-2x / week
  • Group Size: Up to 12 or as many as space allows .

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

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