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What exactly means Smart Working?

Smart Working is the term used to refer to the new way to work made possible by advances in technology, triggered by economic, environmental and social pressures.  The point is to conjugate the resources of the company with the necessities of the employees to optimize the working environment. Unfortunately, this is extremely difficult and complex. Why? Well, companies need to change their work culture and evaluated /communication with the employees what they really need.

Some typical examples where Smart Working will act:

  • The secretary needs to go across all the office to print a document for his boss –That needs to be Optimize.
  • An employee spend more than one hour to arrive to the office every day – That needs Flexibility.
  • Business travel are constantly required to have meetings with colleagues/clients – That needs investment in technologic on digital channels.

You may think that all these things are obvious but a key question is do you have time to ask to your employees and managers about their necessities?  Perhaps you have invested into hire an external company to research on these necessities, such as a professional Smart Coaching Approach

It is a fact that happy employees are more productive, take less sick days, increase creative, become better leaders, stay at their organization longer, are less likely to experience burnout etc. Adopting Smart Working brings a wealth of benefits from health and wellbeing of employees to improved collaboration and productivity. It also delivers cost and space savings by enabling companies to use their office space more flexible and effectively

Nevertheless, are nowadays companies prepared for smart working? Are they mentality open and flexible?  Do they treat employees like the capable adults they are empowering their daily activities? Do their leaders have vision and the right mind-set?

Some top tips for implementing smart working:

  • Understand how your business functions
  • Set the vision, strategy and tactics
  • Be bold
  • Educate, engage and lead cultural change

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