The importance of being motivated

The importance of being motivated

In my coaching sessions, one of the most usual topics is “I need motivation in my work, in my life, I don’t feel with enough strength to develop my job, my professional career neither to achieve my goals”.

But, what really means motivation? Motivation is literally the desire to do things, it’s the difference between hitting the ground running and lazing around the house all day.

However, motivation can’t be discovered from looking outside ourselves, in fact sometimes something will come along in our lives that may disappoint us, making us weak and vulnerable. It is in ourselves to finding the desire to continue on a self-motivated path that will make us stronger, helping us to stand up tall and continue in pursuit of what we have started.

We can’t change the world in general, but we are able to change how we live our own lives and how we interact with other people and the situations that surround us.

Many of us can stay motivated over a short period of time, but it takes a great deal of discipline to stay motivated over a long period of time. To be successful in life, we must have a number of creative approaches that can assist us in maintaining our motivation. It is absolutely necessary to ensure that you dedicate time each and every day to find the motivation that you need.

You’ve got unlimited potential, you can put effort on you, and by concentrating on you and developing you, you can transform your life no matter where you are right now.

Have you ever tried to get motivated at the office—but nothing works? You start to feel terrible like you’re falling behind in your business or career. You’re bored, lethargic, and you don’t want to meet up with your friends because you don’t want to talk about what you’ve been doing. (Or, more accurately, what you haven’t been doing.)

Let me tell you that I’ve totally been there, too, and I’ve felt the frustration that comes from a lack of motivation at work.

But I’ve also got some good news. There are some key things that contribute to your work being motivating, and once you recognize them, you have the power to redesign your workday in a way that gets you moving.

Here are five things that can help you to make your day-to-day tasks, that is part of the process the Smart Coaching

  1. Task recognition
  2. Abilities and capacities
  3. Act and ownership
  4. Overseen & control
  5. Conclusion

Remember motivation is a crucial for a successful personal/professional life – if you need help, just contact me.


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